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Who? Simon Caine
What? Interviews
Guests? Bob Slayer, Mel Brown, Bruce Dessau, Geoff Rowe, Adam Larter, Ben Walker, Ben Williams, Darrell Martin, Idil Sukan, Charlotte Austin.
In a nutshell? It’s an in depth look at the insides of the comedy industry: PR, promoters, photographers, reviewers, you name it. How to do comedy as a profession 101.

ATI-Square-LogoThe thing that makes this podcast worth listening to is the way that Caine approaches each interview seemingly without bias – he treats the large scale PR firm head honcho with as much respect, interest and wonder as the champion of the DIY approach, which allows him to really get to the root of what makes them tick. If you’re as much of a colossal nerd as we are, this podcast will make you fizz with ideas, panic at the terror of the enormity of it all and go “huh!” intermittently – much like the comedy industry itself.

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Find out more: http://simoncaine.co.uk/AskTheIndustryPodcast


We spoke to podcast host Simon Caine and asked him to create a Podcast Playlist of his own:

I listen to… “Comedians Comedian Podcast” because “it’s quite useful at making my insecurities about being a performer / slow writer subside.”

I listen to… “Tim Ferriss Podcast” because “it teaches me a lot of practical things I can do to be more productive with my time.”

I listen to… “any podcast episode which has Seth Godin in it” because “he’s the best writer on social media / person to person online relationships I’ve ever read and I want to get inside his head.”