Interview: Jordan Brookes


Jordan Brookes is a young stand up comedian. Is he up and coming? Yes-siree! Is he funny? You betcha! Is he nominated for an award? Sure, but I wish you wouldn’t go on about it.

Jordan does languidly hilarious, bizarre stand up comedy that’s theatrical and weird, with characters and silly voices. It’s also melancholy and sharp and… good. Just a bit good.

We asked this “lobotomized renaissance man” a few questions about his act…

How would you describe your act?

Desperate and sad. A man who appears to have seen it all and also nothing whatsoever. A lobotomized renaissance man. A disappointment to his parents.

How did you get into comedy?

That question is one capitalized word away from being a hurtfully rhetorical expression of bemusement, but assuming you’re genuinely asking, I started writing scripts and make short comedy films, then just drifted to stand-up. I used to live with Charlie Webster, a Cardiff-based act (who is sincerely one of the most exciting acts I’ve ever seen) and we goaded each other into giving it a go. “Do stand-up mate you’re really funny” we used to tauntingly say to each other. Proper lads banter.

Who are your comedy influences?

Hans Teeuwen, Bridget Christie, Maria Bamford, Michael McIntyre (that last one is sincere by the way- I’ve been called the ‘existential Michael McIntyre’ for a reason).

How similar are you to your stage persona?

If I was anything like my stage persona I wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a stage. There are some similarities I guess. It’s me at my most playful, uninhibited and shirtless.

What’s the best or most memorable bit of stand up you’ve ever seen?

So hard to choose. Charlie Webster maybe. Or even Cornelius Swanscombe. Can’t pick one, but any performance that feels immediate and exciting, like the performer isn’t fully in control of what’s happening or why we’re laughing, is my favourite type of gig.

Favourite gig? Specific or regular.

Gwdihw in Cardiff. The set-up is lovely, the venue are very accommodating, and the audiences are always varied and up for it, and very honest with what they do and don’t like. Plus it’s all hosted by the brilliant James Dunn, who is one of the most likable hosts around.

Jordan has been nominated for Best Newcomer in the Chortle Awards 2016. Good on him. You can vote for him by clicking here, and we strongly urge that you do.

You can keep up to date with all his comings and goings on twitter @jordbrookes.


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