Interview: Sam Fletcher


Comedy savants amongst you might recognise Sam Fletcher as a nominee for the Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer in 2012. Sam is a charmingly subversive stand up, whose jokes are as silly as they are meticulously conceived. Physical set pieces and a splash of music combine to create a weird and magical world. We chatted to Sam about nonsense, his foibles and his favourite show ever…

Sam will be performing an hour long “greatest hits” in Liverpool, alongside some new bits and bobs. All this down at 81 Renshaw on Thursday 4th February as part of Funny Looking Presents (details here).

How would you describe your comedy to someone who has never seen you?

I like to think it’s funny, uplifting and charming. It’s a combination of silly nonsense and skilled, set pieces – You never know if it’s going wrong or not. Like watching an idiot who’s more in control than he likes to let on.

How did you get started in comedy?

I began as a technician at the Edinburgh Festival in 2005. I sort-of knew I wanted to do comedy but it took me a few years to work up the steam. I carried on tech’ing and did small supporting roles here and there but didn’t start doing stand-up on my own until about 2010.

Would you say that you are similar to your stage persona?

It’s definitely ‘me’ on stage – but I push the foibles and flaws into view for the comedy. If I go over notes I sometimes refer to the act as ‘him’ though. Which is a bit Jekyll and Hyde isn’t it?

Who influences and inspires you?

I’m smitten with a few people and they certainly spur me on when I need some lifting. Tim Key, Alex Horne, Harry Hill, Adam Buxton and Steve Martin are my comedy vitamin pills.

What’s the best or most memorable comedy performance you’ve ever seen?

I tech’d for Tim Key’s Edinburgh Award winning show (The Slutcracker) in 2009. Obviously, because of the job I got to watch it 28 times in a row. It was a dream to witness that show develop a ‘buzz’ and to see Tim ride that wave over the month. It’s still one of my favorite shows ever.

You can see Sam performing an hour of his best material, mixed in with some new stuff (and possibly some mind reading) at Funny Looking Presents… on Thursday 4th February at 81 Renshaw. Tickets moving fast, but some still available through this link.

Whilst you’re at it, check out the rest of the cult cool programme of Funny Looking shows, including appearances from Chris Coltrane and Michael J Dolan. Find out more about Funny Looking on Facebook.

Follow Sam on twitter @mongooseking


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