Introducing… Funny Looking Presents

Tomorrow, Thursday 3rd, welcomes a new night into Liverpool’s comedy calendar. Funny Looking presents… introduces a series of “long form” comedy shows from the nations top alternative acts. Each of these cult names presents an Edinburgh-style hour, either work-in-progress or post-Fringe, opening with the wonderful Beth Vyse: As Funny As Cancer.

Funny Looking looks set to bring us, frankly, the best line-up of acts Liverpool has seen in quite some time. You won’t find this sort of thing in the weekend clubs – in fact this is probably your best chance to see these alternative comedy champions outside of that there London.

The night will be held in everyone’s favourite arts cafe 81 Renshaw – home of the best vegan cake in town.

Dec 3rd
Beth Vyse: As Funny As Cancer
Clown-y, theatrical stand up tackling a battle with cancer. The Stage called it “visionary”. My mate once described it as “bat-shit funny”.

Jan 7th
Arthur Smith: Mindlessness – A Beginners Guide
You’re mum’s probably heard of Arthur off of that Radio 4. She probably doesn’t know that he’s pretty much an alternative comedy legend, in the sense that everyone has a story to tell. “Anarchic” is a word. Probably leave your Radio 4 listening ears at home.

Feb 4th
Holly Burn
Holly Burn apparently stayed in character for the entire Fringe 2015. Absurdist character comedy.

Mar 3rd
Chris Coltrane: An Hour of Tory-Smashing Comedy
Chris Coltrane is an activist and a comedian. Passionately left wing stand up comedy, but with a with a sense of overall hopefulness and a helping of silliness.

Apr 7th
Michael J Dolan: The Most Villainous Michael J Dolan
Michael J Dolan was one of the best shows I saw in Edinburgh this year, hands down. Melancholic and pin point accurate, near nihilist, observations. Bleak but hilarious.

12038296_1152108178151576_2332913870306928293_n81, Renshaw St.
£5 / £7 adv. £6 / £8 otd. Tickets:

The night runs on the 1st Thursday of every month. You’ll find me there, front row and centre for each and every one of these, challenging promoter Gav Cross to pistols at dawn over the title of biggest comedy nerd in Liverpool.

Each show will be followed by a live podcast recording, hosted by Gav Cross and featuring a few familiar Liverpool faces, as well as a healthy dose of utter chaos. Find out more about the regular podcast in our interview with Gav Cross from last year.

£1 off on the door if you wear a Funny Looking Badge!

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