Video Interview: Top Joe

Top Joe is a mysterious character. Sometimes to be spotted at comedy nights around the city clad in a high vis jacket and sporting an earnest expression, his ponderings explore the peripheries of the world, and sometimes almost make sense. We asked Top Joe if we could interview him about his comedy performances, and he made it clear to us that he only came out at night – and that, if possible, would we meet him in the graveyard? Never ones to shy away from adventure, we hot footed it down to St James’ Gardens at the Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral to find out a bit more about the brightest new addition the Liverpool alternative scene.

p.s. Our cameraman is definitely not called Patrick Marber.

p.p.s. Top Joe and the man known as Chris Jenkins have never been seen in the same room.

You can catch Top Joe in action at Matchbox Comedy Club this Wednesday, 11th Mar at The Lantern Theatre, alongside Steve Bugeja, Sam & Tom! and Helen Keeler. Tickets here.

Video directed, filmed and edited by Patrick D’arcy, Ynos Productions – with a helping hand from comedy elves Alastair Clark and Frances Greenfield.


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