Interview: Sean Morley

sean morleySean Morley is a left field stand up comic known for championing the alternative. As well as running Alt.Com.Cab in Sheffield, a production company and comedy night that showcases eclectic talent, he co-hosts The Glang Show, a comedy anti-competition that promises chaos. Sean is in Edinburgh performing his show “Diffident”, an engaging look at political thought. We spoke to Sean about the show…

What’s the Edinburgh show about?

I’ve become really political lately, but I’m more interested in theory than headlines. I think you need to understand things in abstract before you can apply them to a confusing world that’s constantly getting you down – and I think there’s plenty to explore in there, but I’ve no intention of delivering a lecture; I’d rather turn my stage into a playground than a soapbox.

How would you describe your style of comedy?

If there are two things I aim for it’s to be both thoughtful and erratic. I improvise a lot and get away with it because I’m friendly enough to be weird without setting people on edge. I do this until everyone is very fond of me and willing to sit through the more ambitious sections.

How did you first get into comedy?

University. I created a comedy society at uni and began writing loads of sketches. Moving into stand-up becomes an inevitability when you want to gig as much as you can and not check with the schedules of 3-4 other people.

What’s the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

Getting under my friends’ bed and staying there for 3 hours.

Who are your comedy influences?

Three big influences on my comedy are probably Jack Evans, James Hately and Barnaby J Thompson. None of them are big names, but I feel they are all such engaging and dynamic performers, they’ve really shaped the way I think about performance.

Show recommendation for Edinburgh (other than your own)?

Phil Marketing’s Big Society, Michael Brunstrom’s The Human Loire, Staple/Face are… Going Down Fighting and Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden.

Now that the month is nearly over, what one word would you use to describe your Edinburgh experience?


You can follow Sean on twitter @seandcmorley.

You can still catch Sean’s show Diffident, 2.30pm at Ibis Hotel, South Bridge until 23rd August.

You can also catch Sean at The Glang Show, 6.45pm, Sportsters Bar until 23rd August.

Find out more about Alt.Com.Cab. here.


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