Interview: Goodbear

2045_GoodbearCritically acclaimed ex-Leeds Tealights Joe Barnes and Henry Perryment are a double act who have already gained a fierce reputation as a fast paced, cinematic sketch show. Goodbear, as they are known, bring their debut show to the Edinburgh Fringe 2014. We caught up with them to talk about the show…

How would you describe your act?

Henry: We both love film so its highly influenced by that. Silly, cinematic and basically a couple of guys having fun.

Joe: Each sketch has a soundtrack too which is a really interesting way of ramping up the tension. It’s very silly but we’re trying to go for intense, dramatic sketches without any props or costumes; it’s all on us!

How did you get into comedy?

Henry: I started doing some stand up at 16. Did the odd gig every now and again and always knew I wanted to give it a shot. Then when I went to Leeds University I performed at a couple of student nights, heard about the Leeds Tealights, auditioned and went from there.

Joe: I did a fair amount of acting in plays and then a friend asked if I fancied auditioning for the Tealights in my second year at University. That’s how it all really started for me!

How did you meet?

Henry: We met during performing in the Tealights and Joe couldn’t stop following me around…

Joe: …I’m still following him now.

Why “Goodbear”?

Henry: Even while we were at Uni we came up with hundreds of names. We weren’t sure what to go for but Joe and I had a long conversation over the phone while we were looking at our list of names. He said to me “what about that one you put down ages ago?” (which I don’t even remember writing). We just thought it fitted our show pretty well and went for it.

Joe: Both Henry and I are also addicted to honey and can catch fresh water salmon with our paw-like hands. We are both, in many ways ‘Good bears’.

Who are your comedy influences?

Henry: I love comedians like Louis C.K., George Carlin. My brother forced me to watch Bill Hicks when I was young so I know his routines very well. I’ve seen Richard Pryor Live in Concert DVD about a million times. Paul Whitehouse is a genius when it comes to character comedy.

Joe: I’m a huge fan of Chris Morris and anything even remotely associated with Armando Iannucci. The Office is still one of my favourite things to watch and I’m a huge fan of Victoria Wood, Eddie Izzard and Paul Whitehouse.

What’s the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

Henry: My Mum screaming at the television watching Breaking Bad. It got tense and she started telling Walter White what a silly boy he is. If only Heisenberg had my Mum to put him straight! Breaking Bad would be over in the first season with Walter White back being happily married, teaching and doing really well with his chemotherapy. What a show though.

Joe: On my train trip to Edinburgh the toilet actually exploded and overflowed everywhere. I’m talking a torrent of water gushing down the carriage. It was horrible but I did laugh a lot. Sometimes you just have to right guys?

Show recommendation this Fringe (apart from your own)?

Henry: Inheritance Blues (I’m in it…but its not Goodbear) and Minor Delays (Joe’s in that)… Our good pals Twins! (neither of us are in that).

Joe: Also our friend Jack is doing the Comedy Zone at the Pleasance and there’s a great free show called More Comedy which you should go to!

Why should people come and see the show in one sentence?

Henry: It’s free…..boom.

Joe: It’s right up there with one of the best things to do at the Fringe between 8:45 and 9:45 (it is also very free).

Goodbear will be performing their sketch show “to make your ears smile” at Wee Red Bar, 8.45pm, until 24th Aug (not 11th).

The show is directed by George Chilcott, and accompanied by an original score by Max Perryment.


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