Interview: Joe Munrow

Photo: Raw Photography

Photo: Raw Photography

Joe Munrow is a stand up who delights  audiences with his calculated whimsy and intelligent gags, whether it’s compering Another Comedy Night at Maguire’s Pizza Bar or through the medium of his brand new show Misinformation at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We chatted to Joe about the show, cat videos and quantum mechanics…

How would you describe your comedy?

Aggressive whimsy.

How did you get into comedy?
I awoke one night to find my mother laughing like a giraffe at something someone in a pub had given her. It was a VHS (VHS! Remember them?) of Eddie Izzard’s Definite Article. That was it.
How far is your material based on your real life?

It’s not really. It’s based on my imagination. I do have a cat though.

You regularly compere at Another Comedy Night. How is compering different to performing a set? Which do you prefer?

For me, compering is about energy, you are there to wake the audience up and get them receptive for the upcoming acts. It’s not about being the funniest but more about being open and putting people at ease. I prefer doing a set, then I can play around with tone more. Although, sometimes compering is an absolute joy, I always enjoy the joke competition at Another Comedy Night for instance.

Who are your comedy influences?

Eddie Izzard, Tommy Tiernan, Dylan Moran, Tony Law, Ardal O’Hanlon, Norm Macdonald.

What’s the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

Oh, this is awful. It was a thing on Youtube about a cat. I wish I had something better for you but that’s the truth.

Best gig?

There are different types of good gigs. My first one was amazing, that adrenaline rush was unreal. Then there are the ones in which you receive some kind of instant acclaim, early in my career I won a competition at Baby Blue, I got £500 and bought all my mates drinks down by the docks (like I’d won the pools.)

But my favourites are the ones you think are going to be awful (only four people in at Edinburgh for instance). They turn into good gigs but also just lovely human experiences. You leave the gig feeling like you’ve just had a laugh with some friends.

Worst gig?

I did a gig in Brighton in which I put on a man’s coat as part of a joke. He said “Careful, it’s heavy on one side.” Without thinking I decided to keel over. Something cracked, in the pocket was a prototype kind of iPhone, too small to be a computer and yet too large to be a phone. I’d smashed it to pieces and had to give him £100. That’s comedy folks.

You’re taking a stand up show to the Edinburgh Fringe, called Joe Munrow: Misinformation. What’s the show about?

The show is about a comedian, who looks a lot like me, trying to be funny for an hour. It’s also about quantum mechanics.


Follow Joe on twitter @joemunrow

Joe will be performing Misinformation as part of The Free Festival at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The show runs throughout August at The Free Sisters, 10.45pm. Full dates and information here.

You can catch Joe’s compering skills at Another Comedy Night, Maguire’s Pizza Bar, the third Monday of every month, completely free! This month, the night will feature a preview of his forthcoming Edinburgh show.


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