Interview: Thespianage Productions

Thespianage ProductionsThespianage Productions are a young sketch group from Manchester preparing to take their brand new show, Sketch Appeal, to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2014. The sketches are missing, presumed hilarious, and it’s going to take a cast of characters including a mysterious Detective Inspector to save the day!

Roll call!

Paddy Pritchard, Rory Cooke, Josh Fenby-Taylor, Georgina Wells.

How was Thespianage Productions first formed?

Paddy: We first met at Bangor University Comedy Society.

Rory: Which I founded!

Josh: Oh my god Rory! It was six years ago! What else have you done since?

Rory: …

Paddy: Thespianage Productions was named after our first Edinburgh Fringe sketch show, Thespianage, which we performed at last year’s festival. When we all moved to Manchester, Georgina joined the group and we decided to start performing again.

What’s the best thing about sketch comedy vs. stand up?

Paddy: Well, there are more of you in sketch comedy so you’d definitely win against a lone stand-up.

Rory: And there other people to call you out on shit jokes, like that one.

Who are your comedy influences?

Rory: John Cleese.

Paddy: American shows like Modern Family and the US Office.

Georgina: Weird, awkward British comedy like Fresh Meat and Green Wing.

Josh: Eddie Izzard.

What’s the last thing that made you laugh out loud?


Which Thespianage member would win in a fight?

Paddy: Are there really any winners in conflict?

Rory: Probably me

If you could have any (fictional or real) detective as a sketch troupe member, who would it be and why?

Josh: We already have our own Detective Inspector Platypus.

Georgina: James Bond might make a good sidekick for him!

Best gig?

Georgina: We performed at a new material night called Embryo, at the King’s Arms in Salford. It was only a ten minute slot but we got a great reception, which was a massive confidence boost.

Worst gig?

Paddy: We did a show at last year’s Fringe to an audience of two, one of whom spoke English as their second language – but we had a fantastic time and they really seemed to enjoy it!

Josh: Way to not answer the question Paddy.


For updates you can follow Thespianage Productions on twitter @ThespianagePro, Facebook, or check out their website and show trailer here.

You can catch ‘Sketch Appeal’ at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from the 11th – 23rd August, details here, and at Birmingham Fest July 19th, details here.


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